:: A.C. GRAYER ::
The Novelist
The Song Writer
A.C. started writing music in 1998,
about a year after he joined the U.S.
Air Force.  His music started as
poetry, and he integrated his
musical background and soon wrote
his first song, "Love of My Life."
A.C. has only been on the book
writing scene for a short time.  
Many of his ideas for his stories
come to him in his sleep, which
many people say is a sign from God.
The Installer
A.C. started installing automotive
accessories shortly after he
graduated high school in 1994.  He
began by buying items for his own
car, and after many painstaking
hours, he started to get the hang of
installing things such as car alarms,
remote starting units, keyless entry
systems, audio, and video systems.  
After he worked a short time for an
automotive accessories store in
North Carolina, he branched out on
his own.  
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A friend asked me to speak at her book club meeting at the last minute.
My 2nd guest appearance at a book club meeting. March 10, 2007.