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I have always admired certain authors and the way they could write an entire story and keep my
attention.  I have enjoyed reading my whole life and have always wanted to write, but I never had
the drive to do so until shortly after my father, Luther C. Grayer was almost finished with his first
The Family Grant.  I think every piece of literature conveys a message from the author to the
reader.  Whether the reader receives the message or not and their interpretation of it is dependent
on factors such as that particular reader finding the material interesting, the reader's ability to
concentrate, and any worldly distractions which may be present.  
I believe it is imperative for the author to capture the reader within the first paragraph.  I also
believe that a novel should be interesting from cover to cover, because if it's not, chances are the
person will stop reading the book.  Most readers will give the author twenty to thirty pages of their
undivided attention before they make the decision to continue reading, or to put the book down.  
As an author and a publisher, I feel I have a professional and a personal obligation  to keep my
reader's attention and not drag them through literary boredom for twenty to thirty pages.
Soon after I began writing, I tried to decide if I wanted to go the traditional route by submitting my
work to a big name publisher, or start my own publishing company.  After my father received a
couple of rejection letters from big name publishers, I made the decision to start my own
publishing company because I wanted to play a role in the production of my intellectual property.  
Also, I feel like a lot of big name publishers miss out on quality manuscripts because they receive
such a large volume of them, and they do not always devote sufficient time to thoroughly read and
evaluate each manuscript, which is the reason I plan to publish my father's novel as well as
publishing other writers.  Whether a book is self published or has been published by a large
company, one thing is universal; the author's main objective is to make their words connect to the
reader.  When I can get into the reader's mind, the possibilities are endless because it is then that I
have the ability and the opportunity to bring the reader to my world for as long as they desire to
indulge in my literary creativeness.
When I first started writing, I learned that a quality fiction book seamlessly integrates the author's
imagination with reality, hence, creating a captivating product that people will talk about and get
others to read.  
My goals are to build and expand a loyal base of readers while increasing literacy everywhere.  
People are more inclined to read if what they're reading is interesting, if it can make them laugh, or
perhaps enable them to visualize their own personal experiences and apply something in the
literature to their lives.

I want to thank you for your support and for taking the time to view my website.  God Bless you all.

A.C. Grayer
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