Denise is in love with Tyrone.  Things aren’t perfect in their relationship, but she feels things may improve; that is until she
intercepts a phone call to Tyrone and receives information from an ex-girlfriend of his.  Denise is then on a mission, a search
for the truth, but her search doesn’t begin with Tyrone; it begins within herself.

Natalie loves attention from men, but her love of all the attention could push the man she loves away.  Natalie is the kind of
person who acts and doesn’t think about the consequences to her actions until much later.

Janine and James.  Business savvy Janine makes a big mistake by locking herself out of her house, or it could be fate that
brings the smooth and confident James into her world to open her door, and perhaps her heart.  James was raised to be a
womanizer, but he decides to make a change for the better.  Janine is a business executive, who is hiding something from
her past, but if it is revealed, her life could change drastically.

While the drama unfolds, there is one man- a constant; the voice of reason - but even he may not be able to keep these
unforgettable, drama filled characters from losing it.