The second time Denise and Tyrone went out, she picked him up. Tyrone knew he had to pay since the
screw-up with Sylvester’s credit card. He had a coupon for New Kountry Buffet in his wallet, so he told
Denise he had made reservations for two at a fine restaurant in Matteson. Denise’s eyes lit up.
She looked surprised when Tyrone directed her to the New Kountry Buffet parking lot. To ease the
shock and get her mind off anything negative, Tyrone stroked Denise’s hair, gave her a peck on the
cheek and told her that her beauty outshone everything else beautiful in the world. Tyrone’s power of
smooth persuasion put Denise at ease and the two strolled arm-in-arm into the New Kountry Buffet. The
food was great, but Tyrone lost his appetite when he saw Nate and Shemiqua, Natalie’s brother and
friend, respectively. They were sitting on the other side of the restaurant when he noticed them. Tyrone
thought it was luck that they were almost done eating. He thought about doing some James Bond 007
disappearing act sh*t—quick, fast and in a hurry, so he and Denise could make their exodus without
being detected. He told Denise he wanted to show her something at the mall before it closed. She
agreed but she wanted a slice of cheesecake first. Damn, why couldn’t she just go with the program?
Tyrone thought.
When she finished her cheesecake and they were about to leave, Nate yelled from across the
restaurant, “Yo Tyrone, what up ni**a!”
Before Tyrone and Denise could leave the restaurant, Nate and Shemiqua were in their faces. Nate
smirked at Tyrone and Shemiqua was playing with her cell phone.
“Damn, ni**a, ain’t you gonna introduce us, ill-mannered mothaf*cka’?” Nate said, laughing.
“Nate and Shemiqua, this is my friend Denise—”
“Uh, his date, Denise,” Denise corrected him.
Tyrone knew at that moment it would get back to Natalie, but he didn’t think it would be at warp speed.
He thought he would have ample time to think up something, but as soon as he turned around, Natalie
came walking through the front door of the restaurant, carrying a Toys R Us bag, while Nate and
Shemiqua conveniently went out the other door. Natalie sat the bag on the first table she came to and
proceeded to remove her earrings, all the while, never breaking eye contact with Denise...