Even More Drama is the exciting sequel to Too Much Drama. This story deals with drama
similar to that of the first novel, but it is magnified and it deals with deeper issues within the
Black community. So if you enjoyed
Too Much Drama, you will love Even More Drama!

Natalie has vowed to become a better person. As she settles into her new lifestyle, she meets
Vernon, who has an estranged wife that he conveniently forgets to mention. They seem like a
perfect match until Natalie finds herself on the receiving end of some of the games she used
to play.

Derrick has moved to Washington, D.C., and thinks he is on easy street. That is until he gets
a surprise visit from someone from his past. He finds himself in the midst of more drama than
he anticipated, and he is unprepared to handle it all.

Denise and Tyrone are back in love, but of course, drama has to find them. Something
happens in their relationship that will prove to be a true test of staying power on both of their

Janine and James are remarried and James is just positive that things could not be any
better for them until Ebony shows up unexpectedly.

And once again, one man tries to keep the peace between these people, and like Too Much
Drama, he has his work cut out for him in the sequel.