"As an author and a publisher, I plan to rise to the
forefront of the literary world and take it by storm!"
                      A.C. GRAYER
Too Much Drama and Even More
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I have completed my second novel, Even More Drama, and it has been released to the public!!  My reason for
creating this site is to familiarize my potential readers with me as an author and as a man.  I am asking for your
support as I am a new author because without it, my novel will not reach the literary world as I would want it
Too Much Drama and Even More Drama are works of fiction.   My primary readers are men and women
between the ages of 18 and 40 who are current readers of African-American fiction.  My novels are geared
toward people from every background and income bracket.  I have learned that most readers of
African-American fiction enjoy reading about sex and drama; especially drama.  My books have a healthy
serving of all the above and you should not find a dull moment between the covers.  
These two novels are NOT intended for readers under the age of 18 because they are sexually explicit and
contain adult language.  These are not books that you will say to yourself, "This is so far-fetched from reality,"
but instead will have you second guessing yourself and wondering if you bought a fiction or a non-fiction
book.  All the events that take place in
Too Much Drama and Even More Drama are things that can happen and
do happen in everyday life, to everyday people.
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